CoyoteWolf Productions

Cadillac CTS-V DNA Multi-Touch

For the 2011 North American International Auto Show, Cadillac featured one of its CTS-V Coupe Race Car that competed in the GT class of the SCCA World Challenge series. A key piece of the display was an interactive wall kiosk comprised of three 55″ MultiTouch screens. The user can touch the interactive carousels on either side to open multitouch windows highlighting various CTS-V Coupe features. A user can also select video vignettes in the center to learn more about the capabilities of the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe or the CTS-V SCCA Race Car.

  • Programming
  • Video playback
  • XML integration
  • Custom hardware component interface
  • User interface (UI)/User experience (UX)
  • Animation
  • Vector illustration

Project Role

Web Developer at 24G.


  • Adobe Flash
  • ActionScript 3
  • XML
  • Tweener (ActionScript)
  • FLV

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