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Altair Product Design Microsite

Altair Product Design is a division of Altair Engineering, Inc., a global engineering software company. The Product Design division provides design and analysis support throughout the product engineering life cycle. The main theme of this microsite was a travel diary/photo scrapbook. Throughout the site, the visuals elements are displayed in a Polaroid scrapbook manner. The flash animation is for the “Innovation Stories” case studies section of the microsite. The Polaroid images animate on like playing cards being dealt out on a table and animate to center when selected. When the user clicks the “Click Here” on an image, the Polaroids animate to a stack to the left and the selected case study Polaroid image enlarges and associated text displays on the right.

  • Programming
  • XML integration
  • Animation
  • Vector illustration

Project Role

Web Programmer at Media Genesis.


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