CoyoteWolf Productions

Flash Game Demos

An assortment of simple Flash games created to illustrate basic game design concepts.

  • Programming
  • User interface (UI)/User experience (UX)
  • Game design
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Vector illustration
ISOkoban Game
Banana War Game
BlackOut Game
ISOkoban Game

ISOkoban is a single player game where the player navigates an isometric maze, attempting to push boxes into designated target locations. Use the arrow keys to move the player around the maze and push the boxes. Boxes can only be push and not pulled, so part of the challenge lies in keeping the boxes away from corners. In addition to the game, a level editor was developed to help with adding additional levels to the game.

Banana War Game

Banana War is a two player game where each player attempts to hit his opponent's monkey avatar with a banana. A player inputs an angle and a velocity to lob the banana in a parabolic arc. The game is selectable for three, five, and seven rounds, 3 levels of difficulty, and 3 types of gravity (heavy, light, and normal). Each round has a different, dynamically generated game board.

BlackOut Game

BlackOut is a simple puzzle game where the object is to turn off all of the lights on the board by clicking on them. The challenge comes when a player clicks a light to turn it off, the four adjacent lights toggle as well. There are 52 puzzles available.

Project Role

Freelance Developer.


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